Self-generated income
Many Homes conduct income-generating activities on site, which contributes to their funding strategies. These include thrift shops, recycling and other similar projects, and rental income through the hiring out of facilities.

Fundraising activities

Fundraising activities typically include fetes and markets, sponsored events such as golf days or walks, or social events such as gala dinners and social evenings.

Our centres are fortunate to enjoy long-standing relationships with many loyal supporters and donors, including volunteers, religious groups, organisations such as Scouts SA, Rotary International, Round Table and Lions clubs, local businesses and corporates.

National Lottery
All of our centres regularly apply for funding grants from the National Lottery Commission. This source of funding is very useful for once-off projects or capital expenditure; both of which are essential to the successful running of our centres.

Funding for the National Office
Our National Office receives no government support and day-to-day costs must be funded entirely from outside sources. In addition to the operational costs of the national office, we are seeking assistance for the following urgent internal projects:

  • Internal communications structure – our homes require computers, cellphones, internet connectivity and data to maintain good connection across our network and in rural areas.
  • Training – ongoing training requires resources such as expert facilitation and consultation, travelling and accommodation costs and training materials.
  • Travelling costs – we need to conduct regular oversight visits to all homes in SA, as well as overseas as part of the Cheshire Global Alliance which becomes very costly.